Story Titles

Salaamu Alaikum.

This is my dream view..of all the stories I titled with visions of writing them. I wanna make covers for them and such…and most ovem I thought up a loooong tyme (time) ago. I dunno still which ones I should reeeeally take off list. What does one think each of them are about based on title only? Which ones should I truly make effort to start for you to read? (Also, I once wanned to have them as chapter names in one fat-ole book….no, right?)

Enchanted: The lake boy.     Eternity: (#5books)1the emortal 2the fight to the harbour 3recrys 4behind the ocean bed 5draining from dark spirits,no more crying spirits dwell #6Call of chaos, rise oh demon of middle east (sorry its #6books👅).     Tim Awoode Decker, youngster’s beginning.     #1Madeline’s Graceful Dance #2The dance, Jasmine #3Coconuts, Dance the night away.      Rival Railway.    #1The Magic Princesses #2Princess Whispers (Butter Scotch Beauty would be chapter one, Flee oh beauty in pink ring second, love in pink and oooh thaka be pretty as parts of this one).    Masafiyah and Ruin.     #1Him of Mine, love for a change #2Dance by the light of the blue berry moon #3I see you #4 Layali Ashadal Jemal(my nights of the strongest beauty) #5Curious and the dark(kinda scary) #6Special leader.     #1Listen to the story of my life( should be “can you”)#2 A girl dragged willy nilly by her feelings #3Habibi listen (Beloved listen) (Admonished would be a chapter name in this)     April Austen & Angelique Soulsess.     Before the garden was dead.      #1The frozen glass mirror of the blue knight #2Silver quarter against my diamonds and rubies of blue #3Walk through the beautiful night #4Quarrel of the glassy stepped night.    Footsteps above my head.     #1Two faced #2White hearted     #1Bright Eyed Gloss #2Pain of bloodshot eye #3Devil is Angel      Sparkle, Odwin Castle(The land of clastis)     Teddy bear bribery.     The empty deaths.    Roli Policy Oli (Ravioli, A show, A song, A dance, Choo choo trains, A dessert, A cuddly hug).   Arthur Turner.      Between the mountains doom.     The Chronicles of Rowlendas planet.    #1Dream land or a far existing reality #2A true fantasy #3Far and Away.     #1Xenn and hit list, karma #2 Vex timers great death.    Destined touch and hold.   #1Death next to your romance #2 Die where you abandoned me.    Domino’s to&fro.     #1Instrumental Communication #2Cry on my piano #3She wants to sing, muted #4 A fine sure lovely voice.    #1Knifed #2Piñned.    The promise, in Hollywood.     Everything sad, sick and lovely.    The last sorry.    The beautiful Creations.     Psychopath apocalypse.    Fire works.    Lovely.     ColDark.     Five+five, at five o’clock, on fifth summer.    Night mare ive drawn all over my bed room walls.     Paranormal admirer(original name describes it too much.)      All my worry’s, my fears.     Tear flowers, Danny and Marue.   Help me in innocent, want death till it really comes want life once it’s nearly gone.    Short stories of Macey Andrews Cheri.   We are the dead toys.    Venus in my dreams.     Their married, can I wax their faces off?(so I wanted of buying a wedding, married couple candle and since heads are images I was to wax it off, and in a British accent I said this to my ma a bunch of times..and it became creepy).

Also since I am older…I am not interested in writing about kuffaar and magic anymore. It is not cool as I am mindfull and developed more. So some changes may be made to a lot of these.




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