Asalamu alaikum. By clicking the about page one expects to read something to keep them and not bore them. I don’t know how to do this, I will put effort and then just pray I will get interested, loving readers. I started this blog so that I may write and have readers. I tried other things and ways…like wattpad. Then I decided on this. I will post anything really…but its mainly my writing. Pictures and videos and anything of my artistic journey. Contents from my purple book that’s all old lookin. My 5 subject max notebook. My ripped folder. Everything I have created, liked, everything I am..just cus its fun and it is talking about my self.┬áLike many artistic individuals, we all start out very young and talented. The love and action of creativity is in us from extremely small ages. So I’m not any different. I’m just one of them. One of the many that decided to share it with others who are interested. I like reading too, but I don’t do it often(I want to but obviously my interest is not enough). But writing I do alllll the time. All of the books and pens finished by my hand are too many to count wallahi. So this blog, is just a place to drink from the results of this passion of mine…so that readers can drink it too….that was weird, and the length of this is unnecessary. Because it is simple why I started this blog and I have written it waaaay too many times. Also I think non artistic people are sooo cute and perfect. I don’t need others to be artistic for me to gush over them. I just am artistic my self. So, like the picture says (not mine by the way) read dude.